Proud, you bet!

Proud, you bet!

FEC202 Oct 15, 2013

ECH and Jim heading into the meet at Palm Bay on 100 and 101 with rock, IM and racks.
EoT past MP216 at 5:08PM.

FEC202 Oct 15, 2013 vid link:

ECH & Jim with melodic toots tonight from the 100 and 101 @5:06 from mp 214 and ECH waving and going crazy from the tread, as I have been working so hard in therapy, that I actually stood up out of the wheelchair tonight to wave my white flag from a top the reacher. How glorious and a couple of work crews from FEC showing up at the same time to witness my happiness this warm evening.  I do mean warm tonight.   Meeting @Palm Bay with 101, so will be heading back out shortly.