Proud, you bet!

Proud, you bet!

FEC101 Oct 14, 2013

Jim and the ECH waving from 720, 716, 421 with racks and IM. Love this lash-up. Pair of
Ashleys toward the rear end.
EoT past MP216 at 5:33PM.

FEC101 Oct 14, 2013 vid link:

ECH and Jim by mp214 with toots, the 720,716 & 421 @5:28.  Auto racks up front, IM, double stacks, most Hyundai (sp?) I can remember seeing, smattering of UPS and 2 Ashleys.  Even better is the FEC crews that are stopping to say hello and will be staying here again.  FEC, you make my day!

Happy Rails!