Proud, you bet!

Proud, you bet!

FEC101 Oct 15, 2013

WOW! Three Hertwigs on this one - 713,703,715LHF all it smoking it up hauling IM to the south.
Did I say "WOW"? Hot train with Hot color.
EoT past MP216 at 6:19PM.

FEC101 Oct 15, 2013 vid link:

OS 101 flying by mp214 @6:06 w/3 Hertwigs & the 3rd one LHF.  IM, some doubles, empties, no Ashley and a rather short train.  So sorry that my spot is directly into the sun and cannot make out the numbers.  No one posted an earlier message coming south, so do not know #'s.  No difference as it is simply exciting to watch three in a row!!