Proud, you bet!

Proud, you bet!

FEC101 Oct 7, 2013

Foreman Mr. Sims sending the hot train through the hole at Micco as he hunts a track light
near the Big Undercutter.
716, 713, 714LHF with racks ahead of the InterModal heading for the meet with FEC202 below me. Haven't seen this much color since 8-20.
EoT past MP216 at 6:05PM.

FEC101 Oct 7, 2013 vid link:

Internet not working too good this evening, plus ECH getting held up in Palm Bay/Micco north and the weather is making for a rough night.  Think ECH did not realize am still at mp214, so got to watch the 3 "Hertwig" engines, a lot of YRC and one Ashley @5:55.  Now waiting for 202 north out of FO and hoping rain holds off.  No owl tonight either.